Board QuiverThe garage of my Spanish style home stores so many surfboards that we could open a surf shop.  Being a minimalist, I’d love to sell off most of those surfboards and only keep the ones that we actually use.  But my pack-rat husband won’t allow it.

I started surfing when I was 31, although I had always wanted to surf, even as a little girl.  It was never the right time for me to learn until I met Drew.  He was an avid surfer and looked the part; he wore board shorts and flip flops, he had ripped six-pack abs, a deep tan and a gorgeous mane of long, golden hair.  He encouraged me to learn to surf.

My first surfboard was a sweet Paul Carter Longboard, cherry red with hibiscus flowers on the deck.  It was 8 foot 6 inches long and very heavy for my small frame.  It cost a lot of money for me at the time, but just like buying a new convertible car that you can’t afford, you do it because you know you’ll look good driving it!

When Drew and I married a few years later, I had accumulated three more surfboards. Continue reading