Donna – Nursery Rhymes

It’s overwhelming, the amount of errands you must run when someone dies.  It seemed as though we were in the car all day.

I got to be in the front seat, which was rare.  Mom never let anyone under 15 sit in what she calls “the death seat.”  But she was preoccupied.

My mind was racing.  The sun was hot coming through the window of the station wagon.  Trees flying by.  I couldn’t make sense of what was happening.  It didn’t feel real.

She was so young, mom.  Why did she have to die?”  My eyes were fixed on the glove-box in front of me, dirty Jack Purcell’s on my feet.

I was looking for solace, some comfort.  My mother’s grief was stern.  “Just be quiet.  Just be quiet.”

For the next hour we rode in silence.

Donna died at age 16 in 1976.  There’s a huge collection of poetry she wrote before she died.  This is one.


Old nursery rhymes

make me think

about how


I really am.

D. Lehr 9/26/75