About Spunk

Spunk is alive and well, living in a lovely little beach town somewhere in America.  I earned the nickname Spunk from my husband, who always called me “spunky” for being full of energy.  Over time the name shortened to Spunk.

I am mom to a little budding inventor and I am an expert in marketing, as well as party-throwing in my little Spanish-style home.

Passion?  YES!  I’m a world traveler and practice yoga as often as I can.  Still can’t stand on my head, but I’ve ventured out to many, many countries all over the globe.

I have another blog, my business blog, but this one is where I bare my soul and tell all, even the most embarrassing things.

Why would I do that to  myself?  Because deep down I’m a writer, and writer’s tell the truth, even when it hurts.  Even when they lose friends over it.  Even when it’s inappropriate.

Spunk xxoo


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