Donna – You Know I Don’t Know

Donna stole our father’s button-down flannel shirts, wore them often, even though she weighed all but 95 pounds and was tiny, tiny, tiny.

My mother would say later that she did that because it was her way of being close to him.  He ignored her terribly.

I often wonder if he even cared that she died.

I don’t think so – how can you miss someone that you never got to know?

Donna died at age 16 in 1976.  There’s a huge collection of poetry she wrote before she died.  This is one.


You know –

me talking to you

lately has been

bringing me down.

Because I know

that what I’ve been doing,

isn’t right.

It’s the same stuff

that I say and pray

to you every night.

And lately it’s getting

so that

I don’t do anything new;

at all.

I feel bad;


And I want you to help me.

But you knew that.

You knew that.

You know –

me talking to you

lately has been

bringing me down –


You know?


I don’t Know…

I love you.

But then why

am I doing this?

I don’t know,

I don’t understand.

I can’t seem to.

Help me –

Dear God –

If you can hear me;

Help me!!

I know I’ve done wrong –

but I’m enjoying it.

Is this

some sort

of a


I don’t know.

If so –

Is it good –

or bad?

Help me.

Help me,


I just…

I don’t know…

D. Lehr 10/4-5/1975


3 Responses

  1. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on this page. A girl with the same exact name, the very same age and living in Maryland! The universe can be very strange. I too was a troubled teen who wrote poetry to get the feelings out. I had daddy issues. Instead of running away I ran toward a man who loved me and started a family at the tender age of 16.My child was born in 1976 and saved me. I am sorry your sister’s story took a different turn. I spent 3 years in Junior High school wearing my father’s flannel shirts and old army jacket. The synchronicity here is amazing- thank you for sharing your sister’s story. I just had to tell you {hugs}

    Donna Lehr

  2. Wow, Donna, thanks for taking the time to write! That’s just such a crazy coincidence that you and my sister Donna have the same name, born the same year, living in the same state! Wow!

    I hope you’ll continue to follow this blog. Maybe you’ll enjoy the story – I plan to dive deep into it and tell it in a manner that is interesting and even meaningful.


  3. I look forward to hearing the rest of the stories 🙂

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