I Never Wanted to Marry (because men rule the world)

What a happy family looks like!

What a happy family looks like!

At the age of ten I had vowed never to be married.  As a teenager I would make fun of girls who dreamed of their wedding day long before they even met the guy they would marry.

My parents’ marriage was painful.  They fought with fists and guns.  My mother unfairly lost most battles.   Dad would cheat, then come home and become violent.  For my mother, marriage was prison.

She got her revenge.  She taught her five beautiful daughters to hate men.  Men unfairly ruled the world, and our only defense was to stomp on their hearts and be cruel.

Don’t ever get married” she drilled into our heads.  “You’ll be trapped, washing dishes and doing laundry while your husband is out running around.”

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